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Leadershift hosts a 15-week course designed for personal growth.
Personal growth and leadership lessons are streamlined into live weekly calls at various times. Mike Davidson has tailored the Maxwell Method of Leadership to develop your organization. Through practical application, accountability, and engagement, students learn how to discover their leadership potential. 


Transforming leaders into leaders who grow leaders

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Schedule a Zoom consultation with Mike to ask questions and determine whether Leadershift is the right fit for your company

Clients Served



Bruce Howes
Atlantic Motorcar

"[Leadershift] was one of the best and most knowledge-based leadership trainings that I have received in my 35-year professional career...Mike and his team are authentic, engaged, and personally vested in each and every student...If you are considering leadership training for yourself or for your staff, I know you will find the skills, challenges, and processes of Leadershift to be incredibly engaging and powerful."

Kim Harris
Office Manager
Parkway Automotive

"The biggest thing I’ve learned [from Leadershift] is that it’s okay to fail and it’s okay to lean on someone else. This has taught me how to step out there and try new things. This has challenged me to better myself."

James Carlyle
Service Advisor
Winkler Automotive

"A lot of what I learned was about growth and self-awareness. Being more conscious of how I am treating others but also myself- my goals and where I want to be going. Leadershift has helped me find more ways that I can grow, and ways I can help others grow. I've always been the young manager and it was always a never-ending battle getting people to come to me. If I can grow in my maturity, then maybe people can feel more comfortable coming to me even if I'm half their age."

Jason Snell
Shop Foreman
Big Al's Garage

"[Leadershift] has been an opportunity of self-reflection. It's given me a chance to realize what my strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to my life skills. I feel like I have gained the confidence to lead others in a constructive and positive way. Confidence is what I've gained from this course." 

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