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Leadershift is a 15-week course designed for personal growth.
Personal growth and leadership lessons are streamlined into live weekly calls at various times. Mike Davidson has tailored the Maxwell Method of Leadership to develop your organization. Through practical application, accountability, and engagement, students learn how to discover their leadership potential. 


transform employees 

into leaders who grow leaders

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What people are saying about Leadershift: 

TECHNICIAN  — "Leadership is
not easy, it is a sacrifice. To influence others, you
must change yourself. I must rely on others more.
It’s not about me.”


SERVICE ADVISOR (Observation of his technician that is enrolled in the program) — "He is more intentional to
be a part of the solution –
I’ve seen a change of intent.”

YOUNG TECHNICIAN —"I’m shocked at how much of a leader I can be. It has changed my behavior. Finding solutions to problems is more natural for me. I’ve learned the value of being a river, not a reservoir. I am taking responsibility for my growth. I’m now more open and encouraging to others.”


YOUNG SERVICE ADVISOR — "Leadershift has created positive pressure for me. It caused me to seek out a mentor. It has helped me lead my team with greater intentionality. It has changed how I lead.”

“I’m old – but I’ve learned to be a listener and to respect younger people’s input, I intentionally make sure they know that they are valuable to me.”


“Leadershift has stretched me – I have to be intentional about growth. For me, it started at home. I’ve learned to be a servant for my team at work.”

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