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Questions & Answers

Q- What comes with the Leadershift plan besides a live zoom call each week? 

A- A workbook, recorded calls, access to Mike for questions, 3x/week Moments with Mike emails, and a community of other students eager to learn. 

Q- What is being taught in Leadershift?

A- We are going to pivot a student's thinking to recognize their potential to be a leader. A specific topic is covered each week with directed application of that topic shared the following week. Mike uses what he has learned from his training under John Maxwell to bring refined and relevant leadership training.

Q- What is the customer paying for?

A- A training program that teaches the student how to become a leader. 

Q- What comes as a result of the plan? 

A- A student is capable of making good leadership decisions on behalf of the owner/manager.

Q- What are the goals of this program?

A- For students to recognize their full potential.

Q- Is there something that the employer gets that lets them follow along with the plan that their employees are enrolled in?

A- Employers will get a copy of the recorded call each week along with Moments with Mike emails.

Q- What role does the employer play in this?

A- The employer doesn't play a role in this. We take full responsibility for his employees. 

Q- Can you give me some examples of changed behavior within my organization and my employees after they've been through Leadershift?

A- Absolutely!

  • Employees/students will be able to handle difficult customer interactions.

  • Employees/students will be able to help other employees grow where they are by example.

  • An employee's/student's growth looks like them understanding the influence their words, their actions, and tonality have on other people.

  • Your employees/students learn how to leverage the potential of everyone around them to grow the organization. 

  • Your employees/students will gain the ability to manage conversations with other employees so the employer doesn’t end up being a referee.

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