Mike Davidson

John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Teacher, and Coach

Mike began his automotive career in 1984 as a car detailer at a GMC dealership. He started working in independent shops in 1992 and opened Parkway Automotive in 1998. He joined RLO Connor's Bottom-Line Impact Group in 1999 and graduated from the Automotive Management Institute in 2000.


Mike was voted Arkansas' NAPA/ASE Technician of the Year from 2001 to 2008,  joined Elite Pro Service Peer Group in 2008, and continues to be an active member. He has been a business coach for Elite Worldwide, a published author, and a presenter at multiple conferences across the United States. He created a live interview seminar called Hiring for Keeps in 2013 and developed an automotive apprentice program approved by the United States Department of Labor in 2016. 


As a John Maxwell, certified speaker, trainer, and coach, Mike has developed a training program to assist shop owners to develop leaders within their organization.  He is married with four grown children, resides in Alexander, Arkansas, and is a member of The Bible Church of Little Rock, where he has served as an elder, a deacon, and a Children's Ministry Director.

Why Leadershift? 

Employees should be taught the responsibility they have for leadership, no matter their position. Transforming an employee in leadership does not mean that they will become a manager or the next owner. However, once discovered, an employee can have hidden potential, which will make them a much better employee right where they are. Better employees will mean growth for your company.  Your company is only as strong as your weakest employee.


Over the last few years, I have seen the need to develop leaders inside Parkway Automotive that would take my business to a level that I could not by myself. Like all of you, I struggle with the leadership load I carried. I remember walking out to the front office and declaring to my three advisors in a very non-leadership way, “I’m not going to carry the burden of leading this company alone anymore!” That was 2010. Since then, I have been committed to personal development, not just to be a better leader but also to train my advisors, techs, and managers to lead themselves first and then lead others. The benefits of what I’ve learned have allowed me to move my work schedule to two days a week, no longer answer the phones, no longer attend multiple meetings, and rarely have a problem reaching my desk. I want the same for you.


I’ve developed a program called Leadershift because I want to see you in a place where you can spend the time you deserve with your family, no longer be the only one carrying the load, and add incredible value to your business. Whether you are ready to create a succession plan or just no longer want to lead your company alone, I want to help you develop the leaders you need. We will take your employees through “The 15 Laws of Growth” and other leadership development principles. Live calls will take place every Thursday with optional call times.