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Mike Davidson

Leadership Navigator


As a Maxwell Leadership certified speaker, teacher, and coach, Mike Davidson is Arkansas’ Leadership Navigator. He has developed a training program to assist owners in developing leaders within their organization, he provides executive business coaching, and Mike helps organizations across the United States identify and implement their vision and culture. He also created a live interview seminar called Hiring for Keeps in 2013 which teaches organizations how to hire the right way. 

Before pursuing the aforementioned,  Mike had a successful career in the automotive world beginning in 1984 as a car detailer at a GMC dealership. He started working in independent shops in 1992 and opened Parkway Automotive in 1998. 

Mike was voted Arkansas' NAPA/ASE Technician of the Year from 2001 to 2008,  joined Elite Pro Service Peer Group in 2008, and continues to be an active member. He has been a business coach for Elite Worldwide, a published author, and a presenter at multiple conferences across the United States. He created and developed an automotive apprentice program approved by the United States Department of Labor in 2016.  

Mike is married with four grown children, resides in Alexander, Arkansas, and is a member of The Bible Church of Little Rock, where he has served as an elder, a deacon, and a Children's Ministry Director.

Mike and John Maxwell.jpg

Mike with John C. Maxwell

Why Leadershift? 

The vision you create guides your decisions. Decisions that design your hiring process, design company policies, and design the customer experiences. “Vision and Culture” is a team building workshop that will have your team develop a vision, establish behaviors that reflect that vision, and then assign individual responsibility to carry out the vision. 


Your vision will be carried out by the people you hire. Developing your culture requires you to hire vision makers who love your organization and your clients. Through our “Hiring for Keeps” workshop, learn not just how to hire but who to hire. This two-hour training includes a live interview and a complete digital hiring process. 


Everything rises and falls on leadership. Maintaining a team culture is the job of a leader. When you have a vision and you’ve hired the right people to bring the vision to reality, we as leaders must  then care for our team so they will care for the client. People will be what they see.  This leadership training will transform you and your staff into successful leaders who grow leaders. Leadershift is a 15-week deep dive on the thoughts and actions and attitudes of the world’s most successful leaders. Each student walks away from this course with a fully crafted purpose statement and an understanding of how to carry that out.  

"You must see and feel what you are thinking. You must see it and grasp it." 
~Ronald Reagan

Mike's Mentors: Roddy Galbraith, Valori Burton,  Mark Cole, Chris Robinson

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