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Do it afraid, anyway.

This past Thursday we began a new Leadershift course with 29 students scattered across the country. As Mike opened the first lesson, he asked a potent question:

“What would you do if you knew you would not fail?”

This isn’t an unheard-of question. In fact, maybe you’ve been asked it before. But have you ever truly thought about your answer? Our students gave some inspiring responses as they contemplated this question:

“Professional music producer.”

“I’d open my own shop.”


“Professional rally car driver.”

“I’d start a business.”


And of course, we got the clever answer of “I’d buy a Powerball ticket.” I would too if I knew I wouldn’t fail.

This wasn’t a conversation to convince our students they were in the wrong profession; rather, it was to get the wheels turning in each student’s head to realize that there was more drive, desire, and determination within each of them than they may have realized. It was a question to spark the conversation of intentionality.

See, growth isn’t automatic. It won’t just happen to you. Physical growth, sure. But personal growth? It’s an unnatural process that requires intention. It requires a long-term commitment to grow. As Mike says, “There is no way to continue growing without taking on the persona of a lifelong grower.” Here at Leadershift, we recognize that great leadership cannot happen without growth, and growth cannot happen without intention. You can’t depend on past experiences to help you grow. Your past will only get you so far.

So, what are some growth activities that can help you identify growth both in yourself and in those around you? Our students had some great insight:

“To simply put into play what your motives are and what your future actions are. You have to start somewhere. The only way to the top is to start at the bottom.”

“Being humble.”

“A change in attitude.”