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It doesn’t take long to realize that, to be a successful business owner, you have to pay attention to numbers, specifically KPIs. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator; these are numbers that have something to say. For the automotive industry, KPIs include average dollars per repair order (AROs), hours per repair order (HPROs), and of course, net profit, which is the amount of money you get to keep.

There are two KPIs that don’t get a lot of stage time. We often look at them but don’t take the time to listen to what they have to say. They sort of stand in the back, waving their hands, saying, “Hey! I have the answer! Look over here!”

Technician Time Management explains in detail how to identify, quantify and manage KPIs in a way that result in increased production and profitability. Although a short read, the strategies and lessons found within hold tremendous benefits for you and your staff in the long run.

Technician Time Management

  • Paperback, 34 pages. 

    Includes exclusive access to downloadable files. You will receive an email with an access link upon purchase. 

  • Free Shipping!

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