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Are you ready for a Department of Labor Wage and Hour audit?
It only takes one phone call by a current or former employee to get you on their list.

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Downloadable Content Includes:

  • E-Book of Wage & Hour Compliance

  • Regular Rate Calculator

  • California Payroll Program 2019

  • Job descriptions for:

    • Automotive Technician​

    • Facility Maintenance 

    • Office Manager

    • Service Advisor

    • Shuttle Driver

  • Compensation Packages for:

    • Automotive Technician​

    • Hourly Employee

    • Office Manager

    • Service Advisor

  • 7 Fact Sheets

  • Opinion Letters

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How to Pass a Wage and Hour Audit from DOL
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In January of 2019, I was sitting in a conference listening to a consultant tell us the rules for wage and hour compliance with the United States Department of Labor. I left that meeting with more questions than answers. Believing that there had to be clear answers, I contacted the consultant after the conference. I was able to gain some knowledge but was still not certain about all the requirements. I talked with a wage and hour attorney, attended a one-day boot camp, and contacted the Department of Labor directly. After writing the material contained in this book and creating the Regular Rate Calculator, I sent it to the Department of Labor and the wage and hour attorney for review.  This information is the result of those efforts to help all of us get this right. If you do only one thing in your effort to be in compliance with the law, it would be that you have some type of time tracking in place for all employees regardless of their position or job function.

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